There Are Always Lovers Killing Each Other For Me – 004


Qu Jingzi dragged her to the shore, and the students nearby quickly helped the two together, dragging them ashore.

    Qu Jingzi knelt on the grass and kept pressing on Yao Yao’s chest. His face was pale and his lips became purple again. He knelt, unmoving.

    “Qu, we really did not touch her…”

    “Right, right, who would have thought she would actually…” Someone echoed.

    “We all did what you told us to do, the school sister wouldn’t…”

    Qu Jingzi knelt with his back to them. From the perspective of several students, they could only see his dripping hair as he pressed hard, shaking violently.

    It was as though he didn’t hear them speak and kept pressing her chest. Yao Yao who lay motionlessly on the ground suddenly jolted up, coughing out a pool of water.

    He took a deep breath and pinched her cold nose, blocking her lips.

    The cold lips, with the astringency of the lake water made his eyes sore.

    His mouth pressed tightly against hers, his face became more and more blue, his lips more and more purple. His heart beating irregularly, anxious for her.

    Finally, the girl’s face eased and she began to breathe spontaneously.

    Those people were still noisily trying to explain themselves, being an disturbance.

    “Go!” The voice was cold.

    “Qu Jingzi…”

    “I said, leave!”

    He turned his head, revealing a pair of murderous eyes.

    The wind of the lake is blowing, and the weather in late spring is still very cold.

    Qu Jingzi looked at the girl who was panting heavily, her eyes blank.

    It is very difficult to save drowning people. The instinct of drowning people will cling tightly to everything around them, even if it is a straw. Rescuers are often entangled by drowning people and the two sink together.

    But Qu Jingzi was not entangled. Until now, she still held the drawing board in her hands.

    The drawing board which was a gift from him.

    Yao Yao curled up, pitifully mumbled: “Cold…”

    Qu Jingzi stooped down and hugged her into her arms in an attempt to warm her, despite being cold himself.

    This warmth was enough, the trembling body slowly calmed down. The drawing board was sandwiched between them, but Qu Jingzi did not move.

    “Let go.”

    “No, it’s my drawing board.”

    Unconscious by still disobedient. Qu Jingzi pursed his lips and pulled out the drawing board with brute force, suppressing her resistance.

    Feeling the sudden emptiness of her arms, Yao Yao weakly opened her eyes in front of him, and saw the young man cra, suddenly buried his head in his arms, and her body shivered again.

    The clothes were all soaking wet. He strangely found that he could still feel the water stains slowly fading out on his chest.

    “Don’t cry, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

    “Not going, not going to the hospital.”

    “You fell into the water and you might get sick.”

    “You… why did you come so late?”

    “…” For a moment, he was silent. Awkward and uncomfortably quiet.

    Helplessly sigh, Yao Yao knows that this must have been his cruel test for her. A wicked test to see if she is the best prostitute?

    The result must have satisfied him.

    After all, she almost risked her life.

    Yao Yao was taken to the hospital. After the examination, there was no problem. Qu Jingzi stubbornly demanded to let her stay in the hospital for a while.

    Yao Yao refused initially, but agreed in the end.

    Qu Jingzi said that he would come to see her every day, but he never came again after he left that day. No one answered the phone, and there was no news from the school, like he disappeared from the world.

    Yaoyao lost contact with him completely.

    She didn’t understand what happened. According to her assumption, this should be Qu Jingzi’s most guilty moment. How could he disappear without a trace?

    She thought of a possible reason, but whether it was correct or incorrect, only time could tell.

    After leaving the hospital, she returned to her home. In the game settings, Yao Yao is an orphan. She is a child who relied heavily on the donations of a kind-hearted person to be able to study in a university. This kind-hearted person was Xu Meiyan.

    Yao Yao’s home is in the old city; in a very broken district with no elevators, dark corridors, and traces of honeycomb coals piled around the corners. It was dirty and messy, and when taking in a breath, the air was full of dust and musty smell.

    This is the place where a luxury car was parked next to the rubbish dump downstairs, and Yao Yao recognized this brand. This is not surprising. It would be odd if she could not recognize it.

    Looking at the shiny car body, the tires soaked in the sewage, and a white plastic bag stuck on it, she smiled silently.

    She walked to the third floor, in front of her door, took out the key to open the door, her face was surprised in time.

    There were two men in the room.

    Qu Zhengming was sitting on the sofa, looking at the notebook on his lap. The other should be the driver and bodyguard, standing beside him.

    “Mr. Qu, why are you here?” Yao Yao’s face was first surprised, then angry.

    As soon as she entered the door, she found that there were two big men in her house, and her dissatisfied reaction was expected.

    Qu Zhengming sent the edited email, and then looked up. The owner stretched out his hand, “Please sit down.”

    Yao Yao took a breath: “…if I remember correctly, this is my home.”

    Qu Zhengming dismissed the bodyguard, leaving only him and Yao Yao in the room.

    Yao Yao looked sullen and did not speak, with two words “not welcome” clearly written on her face.

    “Aren’t you waiting for my request?” Closing the computer, Qu Zhengming leaned on the shabby sofa with his arms crossed.

    Thinking of what he said at the end of the funeral, Yaoyao was more alert: “What did Mr. Qu ask me to do?”

    Sure enough, Qu Zhengming once again lived up to her expectations and said, “Be my woman.”

    “Mr. Qu, I am very grateful that you saved me back then…”

    “Don’t thank me, this is a deal.”

    The man’s heavy gaze fell on her like a thousand pounds of weight, biting his lips. He did not speak any more than that, but the message was clear; she must commit to her debt owed to him.

    “I know you like Jingzi, but…” Qu Zhengming stood up and pinched her chin with great force and seemed to suppress some kind of anger, “…you are not suitable.”

    His smile was soft, but left one feeling cold unnerved, “You don’t think that you are worthy of my son, do you? Do you not see his intentions in leaving you alone for so long?”

    “Or… do you really think that he was just late that day. “

    Yao Yao’s face was pale and white, no better than that of Qu Jingzi’s complexion with his heart complications.

    She held Qu Zhengming’s wrist slightly trembling; frightened, as if she saw the murky black lake again, and asked, “What do you mean?”

    “Do you really not understand?” Qu Zhengming tilted the corner of her mouth, his thumb rubbing her pale lips rudely, watching her lip bloom red under the pressure of his finger.

    The wet, blurred wave of light in Yao Yao’s eyes, lined with the slightly almond shaped eyes, clearly seduces people.

    Beauty is the most invisible and sharp weapon, especially when the owner does not know of the weapon in his hand, the power directly doubles.

    It took a long time before Yaoyao finally blinked, “I understand. But…”

    She took a deep breath, “I want to hear him say it.”

    After Qu Zhengming left, the room immediately became a lot more spacious. Yao Yao heard someone yelling, “Who is so unqualified, dares splashing water downstairs?” Yaoyao covered her mouth and smiled. There was a bachelor upstairs who washed his feet and poured directly downstairs every day.

    Haha, he deserves it.

    Yao Yao lay on the sofa to brainstorm her next plan. There was an alcoholic scent around her nose. She sniffed twice, confirming that it should be the smell of Qu Zhengming.

   Men who drink and smoke, she hated the most.

    In the past few days, the rumors are getting stronger and stronger. As soon as she entered the campus, she could feel others point and stare.

    She didn’t care, and took Qu Jingzi’s timetable to find him in the classroom. Unless he drops out, he will come to class sooner or later.

    It’s been a few days since she saw Qu Jingzi again.

    He is still the same, holding a whole set of art equipment in his hand, and a pair of cold and distant eyes who are too lazy to look at others.

    Seeing Yaoyao, there were no big fluctuations on his face. He walked up to her and asked, “How are you here?”

    There was no mention of the matter of missing for so long for no reason and no apology.

    Yao Yao: “Where have you been? Why couldn’t I contact you for so many days. Do you know that I am worried?”

    Qu Jingzi: “Was busy, I forgot to tell you.”

    “Why didn’t anyone answer the phone?”

    “The water broke my phone and I haven’t bought a new one.” The bell rang.

    “After class, come with me.” Qu Jingzi reached out.

    Yao Yao took a step back, leaving his hand stopping in the midair and did not withdraw it.

    Yao Yao: “Have you heard of the rumors in school?”


    “You have nothing to say?”


    “Were you intentionally late that day?”

    “… En.”

    “Those people, did you call for them too?”


    This time it was long silence, a chilling silence.

    Yao Yao took another step back, farther from his hand.

    “Let’s break up. Although I don’t know if it even counted as being together…”

    Qu Jingzi frowned, “You don’t like me anymore?”

    This time it was Yao Yao’s turn to answer questions.

    “Is it because I did not help you with your homework, and did not take you out to play?”

    No. But she nodded, “…En.”

    “I’ll help you with homework later.”


    “You found someone to do your homework?”


    Yao Yao left as Qu Jingzi stood at the door of the classroom, watching her run downstairs and disappear into the greenery of the campus.

    The teacher stood by the podium, “Qu Jingzi, hurry in and come to class.”

    Everyone in the classroom was waiting for him.

    He didn’t enter the classroom and left with the set of art utensils.

    This set was originally intended for Yao Yao.

    He wanted to tell her that a mere drawing board if fallen, was not worth risking her life to pick up. What she liked, he could give her countless.

    But… there seems to be no opportunity to speak.

    Yao Yao seemed to…not like him anymore.

    Did he do something wrong?

    Shouldn’t those people test her?

    But why had she never explained herself?

    Yao Yao ran out of the school door and found Qu Zhengming’s business card, which he left after leaving her home that day.

    Dialing the man’s phone and the line was picked up immediately, “Mr. Qu, as you wished, I broke up with Jingzi.”

    “But…” Her voice changed, “even if I broke up with him, I will not be your lover, please make another more reasonable request.”

    Qu Zhengming who was in a meeting when receiving this call, smiled.

    Ignoring the eyes of the company’s both big and small shareholders, he answered the phone call that had nothing to do with his work.

    Ignoring Yao Yao, Qu Zhengming’s low voice reached her ears over the phone.

    “Tonight, I will pick you up.”


‘En’ – sound signifying ‘yes’.

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